E-SPACE : Improving epidemiosurveillance of Mediterranean and tropical plant diseases

This flagship program aims at building synergies between existing initiatives and at setting new innovative approaches in order to improve our knowledge of pathological and epidemiological processes underlying plant pathogen emergence. The ultimate goal is to provide plant epidemiosurveillance programs with key-data and key-tools for continuously adapting them to the evolving challenges of emerging plant diseases.

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Improving epidemiosurveillance strategies requires research dedicated to providing the biological knowledge necessary for network conceptualization, finding innovative ways to conduct epidemiosurveillance, and efficient and real-time transfer to professional partners.

This flagship program aims at improving the knowledge of pathological and epidemiological processes underlying plant disease emergence, and designing innovative approaches for monitoring early warning and crop protection. It will provide national and regional plant epidemiosurveillance programs with key -data and key -tools for continuously adapting them to the evolving challenges of emerging plant diseases.


France,  Burkina Faso, East Africa, Guadeloupe,  Kazakhstant, Martinique, Réunion


Agropolis Fondation

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